Tours of Monument Valley



 A male hogan is used for ceremonies for the Navajo.The “forked stick” or male hogan was the first

hogan Navajos built and  is described in the

Blessingway Ceremony. Most visitors are more used

to seeing an eight sided female hogan. This one is

located on the valley floor.  photo by: D.Eaglefeather

To see the fullness of the Valley you must use an authorized Navajo guide who will guide you in the backcountry and explain the history and culture found on the valley floor. Tours can be booked at the Visitors Center or with authorized guides found in the parking lot of the Visitors Center located next to The View Hotel. If you have your own 4-wheel drive vehicle, you can hire a Navajo guide to ride with you for a personalized experience.

There is also a sandy dirt road that allows visitors to drive on the valley floor of Monument Valley to see a portion of the Valley. It is only recommended for four-wheel drive and high clearance vehicles as the conditions of the road change according to the season and weather conditions.

If you have traveled many miles to visit Monument Valley or only expect to be here once in your lifetime, The View staff highly recommends hiring a Navajo guide as there are numerous formations and hidden gems that they will show you that you cannot see on your own. Hiring a guide is required because this is the home and “backyard” of various Navajo families.



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