Media Contacts

The View Hotel welcomes media from around the world to enjoy the splendor of Monument Valley, the Navajo culture, and hospitality of The View Hotel. Summer months are extremely busy times at The View but when there is an available room we are happy to work with accredited media in hosting them. Winter months allow for us to have much more flexibility in hosting media wishing to visit beautiful Monument Valley. The View Hotel is a family run enterprise of Navajo owned ARTSCO, Inc. We handle all media inquires in-house and strive to provide you with honest, straight forward, and in depth information on The View Hotel and its economic, social, and environmental impact in Monument Valley and the Navajo residents in the region.

Media inquires

Inquires for site visits, interviews with the owner Armanda Ortega, and courtesy images can be directed via email to Please be sure to include deadline information in your inquiry. If you are requesting images, please include information on your publication so we can provide images best suited for newsprint, magazine, or web that will meet your resolution requirements.

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