Environmental Policies at The View


From the beginning the View Hotel at Monument Valley was designed to blend with the natural environment to enhance a visitor’s experience at Monument Valley rather than detract from it. The single most important environmental stance we can take is to respect Mother Earth through the building process. After construction, The View has employed unique yet common sense approaches to conserve, reuse, and recycle.

Our guests  have access to recycling with designated bins throughout the property and in guestrooms.
Guests can use linens and towels for more than a day reducing the water
and energy consumption involved in washing sheets daily. Further our
linens are 100% cotton eliminating synthetics which use petrochemicals.
All guestroom appliances and the hotel front desk are Energy Star

Our staff
incorporate Green practices in the operation of The View.  The
housekeeping staff utilize low water computer controlled washers, green laundry detergent, and biodegradable cleaning materials.  Landscaping surrounding the hotel is Xeriscape using low
water consumption native plantings.  Exterior lighting is provided by
low wattage fixtures that conform to the Clear Skies Initiative.


every guestroom in The VIEW, the restaurant has a spectacular
panoramic view of Monument Valley and, like the hotel, it has
high environmentally friendly standards.  The menu includes eco-friendly food that has been grown without the application of
pesticides or fertilizers. Our chef searches for locally grown foods whenever possible to support local economies as well as reduce CO2 emissions through reduced transportation.  We are very excited about a program
with the local Navajo high school to grow vegetables and herbs for
seasonal harvest using composting and environmentally sensitive
planting and harvesting.

Nation Tribal Council Member & Chairman of the Natural Resources
Committee, George Arthur, says “The location for the hotel was selected
because it is adjacent to the Park Visitors Center which has served
tourists in the Tribal Park for over 50 years.  Every effort has been
taken to make the hotel blend into the landscape of the red rock mesa
so the visitor to Monument Valley will enjoy the view from the hotel as
well as the view of the hotel from the valley floor.”

hotel is an environmentally friendly design with a low contour that
conforms to the mesa overlooking the valley.  FCI Constructors, Inc. of
Durango, Colorado, a U.S. Green Council Certified Builder, has
incorporated eco-friendly building practices using low-flow water
devices, extra insulation, windows with energy efficient values, and
fluorescent lighting.  There are operable windows in public spaces
including the soaring two story lobby that allows for natural air flow
for energy efficient cooling. The west side of the building has an
extra inch of rigid insulation and limited fenestrations (window and
door openings) to reduce afternoon heat gain.  All windows are double
paned with low E values.  Sliding glass doors on guestroom patios are
protected from solar gain by roof overhangs, plumbing fixtures in all
of the guest rooms are low-flow, and the hotel roof is reflective to
reduce the amount of heat absorbed.

All of these actions follow The View’s Environmental Policy that says we will:

1)    Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

2)    Minimize the use of toxins and maximize earth friendly products

3)    Conserve Energy and Water

4)    Inspire others to do the same

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

  • We will strive to minimize waste by recycling all paper, bottles, cans.
  • We will compose bio-degradable waste created through grounds maintenance
  • We will compact disposed of waste minimizing transportation

Minimize toxins while maximizing environmentally friendly products

  • We will dispose of or recycle toxic products safely
  • We will choose less toxic or non-toxic janitorial products
  • We will recycle toxic items like: lamps, batteries, electronics, etc.
  • We will purchase paper products with 35%-100% recycled content

Conserve Energy and Water

  • We will utilize Energy Star rated appliances, electronics and office equipment
  • We will install water efficient toilets, showerheads and faucet aerators
  • We will maximize passive solar heating and cooling
  • We will implement rainwater collection
  • We will install energy efficient lighting and utilize natural light whenever possible
  • We will educate visitors to turn off lights and electronics when not in use

Inspire Others

  • We will educate our consumers about our programs to conserve the environment
  • We will educate visitors on traditional Native American teachings on the environment
  • We will challenge visitors to be conscious of their actions and its impact on the environment
  • We will provide opportunity for visitors to offset the CO2 impacts created through their travels
PO Box 360457, Monument Valley, UT 84536; 1-435-727-5555