Corona Virus Updates

During these confusing times within the COVID-19 Global Pandemic we know there is a lot of uncertainty. We at The View Hotel are doing our best to navigate through these hard times and keep all of our future guests as updated as possible. We are following along with the guidelines and recommendations of the Navajo Nation government, as well as Navajo Nation Parks which currently still remain closed. In order to continue to keep our Navajo people safe as well as future guests once the park does reopen, we continue to stay closed as well.

We have listed March 5th 2021 as the most realistic reopen date for The View Hotel due to the ongoing circumstances, However we do recommend potential guests continue to check back periodically because if the Navajo Nation Government changes their regulations and recommendations and we deem it has become safe to reopen we could still reopen at any time.

Until then, we look forward to your stay with us, and a world that can travel once again to these beautiful lands.