Fact Sheet Q&A

Facts about The View Hotel and Monument Valley


Is Monument Valley a U. S. National Park?

A: No, it is a Navajo Nation Tribal Park located on the Navajo Indian Reservation. If you want to learn more about other Navajo Tribal Parks, information is available at: www.navajonationparks.org

Can anyone enter the Navajo Indian Reservation?

Yes, although it is a Nation within the U.S. Nation with Government to Government relations with the U.S. Government, there are not any additional visas or passports necessary to enter the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation. You will see a sign welcoming you to the Navajo Nation if you are driving when you cross the border.

What are the Time Zones in Monument Valley?

The View Hotel is located inside the Tribal Park and the Navajo Nation is on Mountain Time. Arizona does not participate in daylight savings. During daylight savings the state of Utah and the Navajo Nation are one hour later than Arizona. In non-daylight savings months Arizona, Utah and the Navajo Nation are on the same time.

Is the park open year round?

 Yes! The Monument Valley Tribal Park is open year round.

Is there a fee to enter the Tribal Park or fee for hotel guests?

Yes, there is a nominal fee of $20 per vehicle up to 4 people and then and additional $5 per person fee for entering the Wonder of the World at Monument Valley. As Tribal land, here is no fee for Native American tribal members. As a Tribal Park, US National Park Golden Eagle passes do not apply.

Is The VIEW the only hotel inside the Tribal Park?

Yes, The VIEW is the first and only hotel located inside the Tribal Park and is located adjacent to the Park Visitors Center. The closest hotel outside the Park is Gouldings Lodge which is over 5 miles from the Park entrance.

Can I drive in Monument Valley?

In part. There is a portion of the Tribal Park that is accessible by private vehicles. 4X4 or high clearance vehicles are recommended to negotiate the dirt and sandy road, but are not required. However, there are additional areas of the park only available to be seen with a Navajo guide so the best way to experience the Park is on an escorted tour with a certified Navajo Guide who will share the cultural connection to the scenic beauty of the land in areas that are not open to private vehicles.

Can I hike in Monument Valley?

Because this is Tribal land with land controlled by local families, you can not hike in the Park without a certified Navajo Guide. The only exception is the Wildcat Trail that begins at The View Hotel.

Where is the best place to see the sunrise or sunset?

The best place to see the sunrise is from your guestroom balcony or from the patio while enjoying breakfast. Sunset is best seen from inside the Park on a guided sunset tour.

How far in advance do I have to schedule a Park Tour?

Park tours are almost always available for booking on the morning that you intend to tour, however, advance reservations are recommended for full day tours. The View Hotel encourages bookings directly with Navajo guides. Information is available at: www.navajonationparks.org/tours

What are the average temperatures in Monument Valley?

Average Monthly Temperature (F)

 Jan Feb  MarchApril  MayJune July Aug Sept  OctNov Dec 
High45  47 56 70 76 85 90 88 82 66 50 45
 Low25  26 33 40 47 58 63 62 57 41 30 24

What is the elevation of Monument Valley?

The elevation at The View Hotel is approximately 5200 feet (1,582 meters) and the Mittens rise over 1,000 feet (328 meters) above the desert floor.

What are the GPS Coordinates for the hotel?

36 degrees 58′ 56.77″ N 110 degrees 06′ 43.77″ W

What is the hotel check-in time?

4:00 p.m. mountain standard time. Check out time is 11 a.m.