Press Reviews

Press Reviews

Much has been written in the press about The View Hotel from organizations like The New York TimesNational GeographicLos Angeles TimesSmithsonian, Arizona HighwaysThe Washington Post among many others in the U.S. and from around the world. Feel free to take a look at these stories via the links below.


5 eco adventures for Earth Day

by Jennifer Ceaser April 2010

“Because it’s owned by a Navajo, this is one business that takes its
eco-friendly claims seriously. (Navajos believe they have a sacred duty
to live harmoniously with the land.) . . .”

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From Every Room, The View’s a Butte

by Nancy Trejos February 2010

“Before the View opened, visitors to Monument Valley had few lodging options. . . Ortega-Gordon, whose brainchild the hotel was, stayed true to her
Navajo heritage, decorating the walls with rugs and art by local
artists. A trading post features the work of local artisans. ‘I wanted
everyone to come and see the heart of the Navajo Nation and feel a part
of it and feel that culture,’ she told me . . .”

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Behind the Scenes in Monument Valley

by Tony Perrottet February 2010

Venture to parts of the Navajo tribal park most visitors never see, except in the movies

“The park’s first hotel, the View, built and staffed mostly by Navajo, opened in December 2008. The 96-room complex is being leased by a Navajo-owned company from the Navajo Nation. In December 2009, a renovated visitors center opened, featuring exhibits on local geology and Navajo culture.”


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Refurbished Monument Valley Visitors’ Center Tells People’s Story

by Cindy Yurth December 2009


“A new $10 million upgrade to the tribal park’s visitor center, the
Navajo Nation is making sure they learn as much about the people as
they do about the rocks.”

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August 2009


Reservation Required

only one place in the world where you can see Monument Valley from your
hotel balcony, and it’s on the Navajo Nation, at a place called The

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June 2009


7 Stunning Hideaways

“Psst…! These secluded North American properties, surrounded by
spectacular landscapes, are the perfect antidote for the busy workweek.
Check in, drop out, and catch a late flight back”

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7 Secret Hidaways


“Psst …! These secluded North American properties, surrounded by
spectacular landscapes, are the perfect antidote for the busy workweek.
Check in, drop out, and catch a late flight back.”

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Rooms with a View in Arizona

by Phil Marty November 2009

“It’s unlikely any guest here will step out on a balcony and not have the word “wow” pop out.”

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April 2009


“Only hotel in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. Melds into the red
bluffs; backdrop to countless Western movies. All balconies face
dramatic Mittens formation. All-natural landscaping, dimmed exterior
lights for stargazing. Navajo owned and operated for a purpose: job
creation means cultural preservation. Hike nearby Wildcat and Mesa Rim

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Majestic Sleepover in Monument Valley, Utah

By Mark Vanhoenacker
March 2009

“In Monument Valley, there’s finally a hotel as sublime as the
landscape. The Navajo-run View is hip and family friendly, and did we
mention the scenery?. . . No traveler’s wanderings across the U.S.
are complete without a trip to this isolated plateau. The shimmering
red-rock buttes rising from the mile-high valley floor form a skyline
as unique and memorable as that of Manhattan”

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New York Times Review

“This 90-room hotel, opened on October 2008 on the border of
Utah and Arizona, hotel is the first accommodation to be built inside
the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park . . . Its chef, MacNeal Crank, reinterprets Navajo recipes he learned from
his grandmother with the help of training at the Cooking and
Hospitality Institute of Chicago’s Le Cordon Bleu program. Try the
fry-bread tacos and stews.”

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Room with a view at the new Navajo-owned hotel

by Tom Uhlenbrock March 2009

“The View Hotel, in Monument Valley Tribal Park, is Navajo-owned and
looks out on one of the most spectacular vistas in the Southwest U.S.”

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A View from the View

image by Dyerco

“The rooms are all located on one side as is the restaurant so that
everyone gets to see the Mittens of Monument Valley. It is also
designed to be very unobtrusive in the environment.”

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