Welcome from The View Founder: Armanda Ortega

Ya’at’eeh, my name is Armanda Ortega and I am of the Kiy`anníí (Towering House) Clan. I am privileged to welcome you to a sacred place for my people, the Diné. In the Navajo, we believe that our people journeyed through three worlds in various forms of being before emerging from Mother Earth into this world, the Sparkling World.

The View Hotel is built adjoining the Tribal Park Visitors Center which has been on this site for over 40 years. Our hotel is designed with respect for the sacred setting in which it is located and the view of the famous formations of Monument Valley are unlike anywhere else in the world. The View Hotel has been designed to exist in harmony with this unique land. Every guestroom has a view directly facing the Mittens and the exterior of the hotel is from a color palate of the red earth that surrounds us. When you view the hotel from the valley floor of Monument Valley you will see how it merges with the natural rocks formations and the contours of the land, becoming one with the earth.

When you are a guest in our hotel you will enjoy a view of an enormous landscape where Mother Earth meets Father Sky in a seemingly endless vista of beauty. This is a place where Hozhóó, harmony, is revealed to all.

May your Journey be sacred and your visions be clear,

Armanda Ortega,
The View Hotel
Monument Valley