Locally owned and operated (Not affiliated with The View Hotel or the Cabins at The View).

Although The View Hotel and The Cabins at The View are not associated with any of the Navajo Guided Tours in any way, as a future guest of Monument Valley we strongly suggest that if you are interested in taking a Navajo Guided Tour, horse tour, or jeep tour, that you book with one of these Navajo Nation Parks approved companies. As soon as you have secured your reservation with us, or if you are just planning to take a day tour while you visit the park, we suggest you pre-book with one of these approved companies as soon as possible, as space may be limited.

Below is a list of the approved Navajo Tour Guide companies from the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Dept. The View Hotel and The Cabins at The View do not favor any one company above the others.  In order to give all companies a fair chance to operate their business for any additional information and for pre-booking tours you must choose and contact the companies on your own.

Suggested Caution while booking with a tour company:

While the majority of our guests do prefer and thoroughly enjoy the Navajo Guided Tours, we do suggest using caution when choosing a company to book your tour with.

  • At no time will anyone from The View Hotel or The Cabins at The View contact you about a tour. If anyone contacts you saying they are from The View please be advised they are not one of our staff as again, we are NOT affiliated with any tour companies in any way.
  • If anyone does contact you about a tour they are most likely not from one of the approved companies, as that goes against Navajo Nation Parks policies.
  • Any company, including approved companies, should never ask for more information than your name, your date of arrival, and the number of people in you party.  Also they should only be asking for a small deposit if any to secure your tour reservation.

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